Monday, October 2, 2023

Moving Spaces

2013 Me at Handworks with Larry Williams

I started this blog 10 years ago after the first ever Handworks. I'm not a prolific writer, but looking back, I'm proud of some of the work I've done both with wood and words, even if Instagram has made me post less here. I honestly cant complain about this platform, it has done everything I need to do. But times change, and there seems to be a migration over to Substack.

10 yrs later
I have no desire to monetize this feed in any way for the foreseeable future, which Substack does open up in the future. More importantly for me is it allows me to incorporate audio & video features more easily, and makes interacting with posts easier. 

I've been thinking about this move for quite a while, but actually it was HandWorks that made me think twice. There, I met up with Marc over at who recognized me from my blog posts (not Instagram) this meant a lot to me, that folks actually read what I write. Let's be honest, blogs don't get much interaction these days. It encouraged me to re-energize this aspect of my work, but also made me want to make sure any move would continue to allow anyone that wants to, to find me.

I have a lot coming up, because in addition to moving digital spaces, my shop will be moving physical spaces "soon". Not far (<100'), but after 20yrs of shared garage space, I'm adding on a proper workspace, actually finally pouring the floor as I type. I plan on doing most of the work myself, so there should be lots of that in the (hopefully) short term.

Since I inevitably have bullet points in my posts, here's how you can continue to keep up with me:

  1. Subscribe over on Substack ( it's really easy and you can either get posts in your email if that's your thing, or can use the app, it's decent.
  2. Subscribe to the RSS Feed from Substack (same link) This is good for us die-hard RSS feed readers. Since it won't be monetized, you should get the entire post in the RSS feed the same as you have if you have done this before in apps like Feedly.
  3. If you read this via an aggregator like please suggest they add my new page over there and it should continue to function as always.
Also a couple of points regarding the moving process for you reluctant bloggers out there thinking about making the switch.
  1. Its painless & quick to import your existing blog over, you enter your URL and it copies everything needed including posting dates.
  2. That is all, I thought I had more items, but feel free to contact me and discuss as I get more time under my belt.
I hope to see you on the other side.

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  1. Congrats on starting to build a new shop space. I am fortunate to be on a quarter acre in the SF Bay Area but it makes it difficult (not impossible) to put an outbuilding of the size that I would like. I once got recognized at a tool event because of my blog. It felt really nice for all the reasons you mentioned. Hopefully unplugged will pick you up as that's where I go to find my woodworking blogs.