Thursday, August 24, 2017

Getting Ready for HandWorks

This may seem like an odd title given that HandWorks 2017 occurred several months ago. To be honest, I had hoped to publish just such a post prior to the event, but life being what it is at the moment, I didn't get to it. Still, the idea hung on and I decided it is still relevant.

HandWorks will likely always be a significant marker for me. The original event sparked me into stepping out of the shadows into the woodworking community. Before the second & third I found I wanted to finish up some things before the event to serve as conversation points with people I knew I'd meet or as punctuation to where I've grown and what I've accomplished in the meanwhile.

This is better for me than the annual goals many may kick off in January each year. I find that  not as useful because
  • January is right in the middle of what I consider to be "woodworking season." Spring/summer is a better point for self-evaluation.
  • One year goes by really fast as a hobbyist; evaluating myself on an annual basis can be disheartening. Thus far HandWorks has stuck to a bi-annual schedule, this makes me feel better about what I accomplished looking back over that time.
So what did I get done in the 2yr prior to Handworks 2017? If you only follow me by blog then you may have missed some of these since smaller items only ended up on Instagram without a legit blog post associated. (looking at this list makes me realize I need to write more frequently)

What do I hope to get done before HandWorks 2019? (hopeful there is such an event) Some of these things are already in-flight, or even completed given that HandWorks was a while back. But these are where I hope to get
  • Shop Projects
    • Finish-finish my workbench

      • Make center divider/planing stop
      • Flatten top
      • Dogs & holes
      • Shelf/storage
      • Swing Seat
    • Shavehorse
    • Finish Dutch tool chest. (paint + guts build out)
    • Sheet good Storage
    • Heat (install gas heater previously aquired)
    • Roubo Wall shelf?
    • Upgrade Lathe?
    • Upgrade Planer?
  • "Real" Projects
    • Chairs Chairs Chairs
      • Folding Clam chairs
      • Maloof style barstools
      • Perch Stools
      • Webbed chair/stools
      • Hex Chair
      • Mira inspired Chair
      • Staked Bench for entryway
    • Barn Doors for media room
    • Gaming Coffee Table
  • Personal Development
    • Share Something
      • Seminar
      • Kids' involvement
    • Learn Something (Class)
    • Community
      • More frequent blogs
      • Group build non-class
    • Sell Some thing(s)

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