Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's Going on in there?

A while back (actually records indicate 5/30/14) I received a tapered iron by way of a giveaway from "Nice Planes" (which regrettably has since has joined the list of "no longer in production" planemakers) I want to share with you the process of how I often design projects. If you don't like to see how sausage is made, feel free to move along, in the next couple days I'll have a post sharing the build of this project (and after action report for Brian).

Like most projects, I start out shoehorning something new into the massive list of items I desire to make, usually under the premise of "It'll only take a couple days." Also per the norm, I rarely have clarity and just jump in, even though at some point that happens after my design process reaches full fermentation. I really enjoy the design process and since it always overlaps working or finishing another project, there isn't any time when I'm twiddling my thumbs.

My first thoughts were that in the spirit of the kit received, I should knock out a Krenov style laminated plane and put it to use. The only real problem being that I didn't NEED another bench plane (want?...always) Another problem is of course that I don't generally do simple and that's when my mind starts to wander and dream of possibilities. I want to show my random thoughts along the way, many will be left, never to be explored, while others may morphs into other projects. Some of the planes "not made" could have been better than what I ended up with, and who knows maybe someday I'll get the opportunity to explore them. If anyone desires to take one of these further, please do; and let me know, I'd like to see how they turned out. (or of course commission one)

*Warning: there are some images I have lifted from the web that are not mine, hopefully they are obvious, and I am not claiming them as my own work, but want to illustrate my design process

Layered lamination pattern?

  • Started out with Nice® iron (3-1/2 long, 1-1/2 wide, 1/4 thick)
  • Decided laminated plane ideal
  • Thought about stacked layered plane with scroll work filigree or Marrakesh patterns
    • Each layer could be CNC cut and stacked 
    • Great Wave or comfy rear tote?
    • (use dowel pins for ease of alignment)
  • Curved wave rear tote came to mind, followed by Hokusai "Great Wave" print (one of my favorite works of all time)
    • See that someone in Dresden has similar idea on a larger scale...
    • This could look good with dyed maple laminations
    • What wood can I easily get that is white enough, Maple? Holly?
    • In Dresden
      • Corian! It's Heavy, stable, colorful, machinable, warm to the touch too
      • Thought about thin layering blues & white corian for 3D print wave plane
    • Wedge for plane would be wood and In shape of boat from print
  • Think to self: Self, it will be a lot of work to make CAD models for this plane and tool paths for many layers.
  • Found local makerspace
  • Stumbled across white corian without looking, should look for blue
  • Consider epoxy inlay for wave design
  • Considered what some ivory white planes might look like
  • Considered scrimshaw And inked carvings
  • Boxwood not ivory, but white with "ink"
  • Remember my visit to the Sindelar Tool Museum and his ivory plow planes and "scroll" planes
  • the Beautiful K4
    Krenov Plane
  • Reference other inspirational design touchstone planes, Krenov, S&S K4, DaedTool Index planes, SMT loopyMacpherson's Art Deco etc. I admire
  • Some more sketching including Braun and porcelain paths
  • Think about porcelain & China delicate rolled edges
  • Eve from wall-e inspired by Apple and "the future"
  • Given solid white material, think "Apple" Or Eve from Wall-e
  • Research Johnny Ives, Dieter Rams, Bauhaus, Braun
    • The clean, modern, textured Braun SK2
    • See Braun SK2 Radio think about texture and minimalist future shape
    • Interesting the statement a "modern" plane makes given it's ancient nature
    • Ovalia chair (it seemed cooler in my head)
    • Look at the Ovalia chair
  • Nail down some realistic sizes for this plane
    • 2-2-1/4 wide For 1-1/2 iron
    • ~7" long
    • higher angle ~55°
    • No more than 2-1/2 tall to adjust iron
  • Saw documentary "Dear Mr Waterson" think about simple shape and inlaying a daily Calvin & Hobbes strip on the side
  • My "final" sketch
    • Decide I need to flip through  my compilation and find an appropriate one
    • Can't decide if it is aspirational for Watterson's  Incredible art or derivative and not what the artist would want…
  • More sketching "inside the box" determined by plane size leads me ultimately to this. I decide that I can probably knock it out in a couple of days (and stall on the shop redux), and if it doesn't turn out, then it'll make an interesting paperweight and I still have the components for a Krenov plane to pursue some other direction. Hopefully in the finished  piece you can see some of my influences and thinking.
    End result, laying in some walnut test shavings
    Woodworking in the Stone Age ... or ... Introducing the iPlane 7

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