Sunday, January 26, 2014

Would You believe... In a Weekend? (SSBO day 2)

Continuing in this afternoon. All the joints are cut. Time for rough shaping, glueing & wedging  and then final shaping can't wait to finish mine up and start diving into what everyone else was able to accomplish!

Rough shaped time to glue this guy and start sculpting the saddle.
An unusually large number of wedges, maybe I'm stalling
Glue up all set to go! See you on the other side! (Oh wait I should grab. Few clamps...)

Top together without a hitch... Just remembered I was going to peg the bridles...
Well after a few minutes of diversion (drilling a new hole in my "dowel plate" and learning that riving walnut isn't as nice as green oak) I had pegs for the legs

The rest of the glue up was fairly uneventful. Pegged & wedged joints really allow you to go light on clamps.

So now it looks like after a quick bite to eat I may be at the fun bit, sculpting the seat.

Had dinner, cut the stool to final height and cleaned it up a bit (extended tenons and such) there are probably better ways to sculpt but I think this will work ok cut in my profile and knock it out. Also my Emmett vise (clone) has been great in this project.

Finish Line! Couldn't resist putting some oil on... Ooooooo smooth. Really happy with how it sits and the seat figure turned out nice. A few things I would change next go around and may change in time, but not anytime soon.


  1. Hurry up! I can't wait to see how this thing works. If it is half as functional as it is beautiful, it should be the best stool ever!

  2. WOW.
    What a beautiful looking stool, and such a bold daring design.
    Good job.

  3. Thanks Jonas, a lot more work that I anticipated.

  4. Beautiful wood and woodworking. Great job.