Saturday, January 25, 2014

Build a Stool in a! (SSBO Day 1)

This will probably be my only post today, just keep refreshing for freshness. I'll try to update every hour or so.

8:30 too early for geometry...

9:30 a couple knifed "datum references" so I don't loose my place as straight lines start disappearing (filled with a remnant of this summer's sidewalk chalk for clarity)
9:45 simple temporary tooling for transferring knife lines, it's not "clamped" the clamp pads serve as fixturing locators. Note also how the nesting forces sliding down ramp keep it stationary.

9:45 made a wedge shaped dog (off cut) for my ikea "Luxo" lamp dead simple don't know why I didn't do before. Shadows beware!
1:00 This lap joint kicked my butt. A ton of layout and a tiny bit of material removed...  Well at least I only have 3-5 more.

8:00pm I seriously underestimated how long these lap joints would take to lay out.
That's no Star Destroyer, that's most of my structure prior to lots more work shaping
Now either do some sub assembly glue up or legwork.

11:59 end of day 1. It's standing... Amazing how much easier planer joints are... Tomorrow afternoon I'll add some stretchers and get it into shape.


  1. Cool build. it is looking really good.

  2. It looks great! So much for simplifying your joinery using only three legs...

    The wood you chose looks gorgeous.