Friday, January 24, 2014

Shop Stool Build Off (Day 0) Waste Not

Not a Stool

In preparation for the SSBO tomorrow, last weekend I prepped some stock. I had committed myself to using what was on hand and one of the options that seemed viable was a pair of smallish walnut logs I had been given a while back. 

These particular logs had been cut probably 30 years ago and stored in a shed for "someone" to do "something" with "someday". It had passed hands a few times and finally ended up at my house after pending some time outdoors (Thanks Jeff!) 

Hopefully there's an award winning stool in there
Well a year or so ago I had just replaced the motor on my band saw (long story) and was itching to cut something, so I slabbed them up (heavy 4/4). They were in sorry shape, quite a bit of environmental damage, narrow & short anyway but I figured I might get "something" out of it and leaving it in the garage was easier than doing something else with it. The SSBO seems like a good use now.

I'm always amazed at how much waste comes from working with trees/logs/lumber. While trimming our trees I note that I do little to alter the tree's appearance, yet there is another tree left on the burn pile. Here, I had only 2 small, short logs to start with, but created 35 gallons of chips, an evening's worth of fireplace scraps (it is crazy cold here right now) and hopefully one shop stool (or possibly another fire.) Looking forward to tomorrow morning (and grateful for insulated boots, and fleece lined pants!)

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