Friday, May 29, 2015

Enjoy Jeff Burks' Posts More With This One Weird Tip!

If you are like me, you follow a lot of blogs, mostly on an iPhone. So today I'm digressing briefly to pass on a tech tip. (I'd guess that android has something similar but I don't use, so can't comment)

Many woodworking blogs are picture laden, but short on words, while others may be a little "less concise" and pretty verbiage heavy (myself included here). For instance, I really enjoy the stuff Jeff Burks' digs up, but often found them fall to the bottom of the unread pile, until I found that you can easily get them read to you. Siri's voice isn't perfect but usually surprisingly good enough (especially with the enhanced mode enabled). I was recently showing this feature to someone else and found Apple had updated this hardly known feature to now allow a two-finger swipe down gessture to begin reading. (Previously you had to select all, and then tap "speak") This pairs nicely with "reader mode" in Safari, for pages outside my RSS feed. Try it, you'll like it. 

Here's how. Start in general settings.
In use:


  1. This almost makes me want to get an iPhone.

  2. This is great, thanks for sharing! Realy impressed by the quality of the text-to-speech.

  3. Rock on. 👍🏼 great share.