Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stool Design Guide

I'm jazzed up by Chris Wong's stool build idea for Jan 25. Why?

  • It's a "simple" project that might be finished in a single day.
  • It doesn't need to be Smithsonian worthy since it's not for "the house"
  • An opportunity to experiment with any wacky idea since I'm the customer.
  • To replace that horrid thing I've made do with in my space.
  • A chance to do something "together" with other woodworkers & see how others solve a similar problem.

I want to add to the buzz and design discussion by examining the variety possible with this form. Putting aside aesthetics & material choices, there are still many geometric configurations possible that will be right for some and horribly wrong for others.

Boiling down the simple stool you have 3 major variables

  1. The base (where & how it touches the floor)
  2. The supporting structure
  3. The seat (where & how it touches you)
Pretty straightforward... still I can't wait to dive into design options and pros & cons of those choices from a functional perspective. Hopefully this will help someone design a stool that will function exactly as they need. I'm also hopeful that I'll learn a few things in the comments, blogs and build notes from being a part of a fun shared experience.

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