Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hello World

Handworks 2013 created this blog. How? Like many, for years I have been reading some great woodworking blogs. In reading, I have learned a great deal of woodworking's past, present and future; seen various bloggers grow to become better artisans and writers; and generally stayed stoked on the subject even when I can't be actively creating. Through this time I've gotten to become "friends" with many bloggers, or so I thought. Handworks showed that I wasn't really a part of the "family" but was more like a member of a fan club. Now don't get me wrong, no one at Handworks acted high & mighty like some rock star, quite the contrary, everyone was friendly and ready to discuss our common passion. It was great to strike up conversations outside the Amana coffee shop with random strangers about side escapement planes and such. However, when chatting with bloggers I follow,  I felt like I knew much more about these bloggers (including things about their kids and houses) than they did me. This made me feel a bit like some sort of crazy stalker instead of a friend you haven't seen in a while. This wasn't their fault, it was mine for being a "consumer" and not a "contributor." Like most woodworkers I eschew such an idea, pushing me to begin blogging to be a part of the dialog.

This blog is intended to be my entry into this world, keep me focused on the various projects I have at hand, document my growth, and give me a way to introduce my meager body of work to friends, family and other woodworkers.

My plan: I'll document some of my more recent projects, share some of the projects in the works and share some of the ideas I have for projects I have in my head, that may eventually come to fruition.  You'll see the styles I'm excited about now (e.g. art nouveau, Greene & Greene) and the forms I'm interested in (furniture & tool making) You'll probably see some of my other interests occasionally as well (photography, engineering, remodeling)


  1. Hi Jeremy, welcome to the club!

    The first time I met someone who regularly read my blog was a bit disconcerting, too. It is odd telling a story to a stranger who then pipes in with something that you once wrote, tells you about a tool in your chest, or about the decor of your home.

    The best part is unexpected: Blogging has made me a much better woodworker.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm interested in how you think it's helped your work? Might make for a good post... I can foresee:
    -Accountability to deliver regularly and a call to action from being a part of the community
    -Accountability to up your game (since your work will be silently judged by other craftsmen)
    -Improved ideas and problem solving in the planning stages via an audience that sweats the details.

    1. You are right! I bet it would make a good post.

      I was thinking in line with your first two points, and hadn't considered the last. However, it is a good point.

      Christopher Schwarz said it best, saying that blogging helps him think. I agree. I find that blogging helps me slow down with my thought processes in a project, and that has helped.

  3. I just found your blog after seeing your comment on Jameel's recent French Oak Bench post.
    Nicely presented sharing of your experience.
    Keep up the fine work/play.